Jili slot gcash Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Policy
In Colombia de Aventura SAS - Antioquia de Aventura we are aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable tourism development, and assuming the principles adopted specifically in the Sectorial Technical Standard NTS-TS 003, the Adventure Travel Agency Antioquia undertakes to carry out A sustainable management of its activities, by adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of our facilities and activities on the destinations we offer in our portfolio of services, as well as optimize the sustainability of the Adventure Travel Agency Antioquia , Improving their behavior with the environment.

In the same vein, our Antioquia Adventure Travel Agency has adopted the following Sustainable Tourism Policy, by which it undertakes to comply with the requirements established in Sectorial Technical Standard NTS-TS 003, which includes, among others, the legal requirements That regulate the effects generated by the tourist activity. Likewise, we commit ourselves to motivate and train our staff with training and awareness actions on the principles of sustainable tourism, to promote good environmental practices in the environment, to participate in external activities, and to report both internally and externally on the progress and Environmental actions of the company.

One of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management, assuming the commitments of continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: socio-cultural, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction. To this end, projects will be carried out to improve activities with criteria of sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources.

This sustainable tourism policy will be updated whenever circumstances require, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability objectives.

Our Challenge and Commitment is to get collaborators, travelers and visitors from the sites offered; Understand and share the duties and rights with sustainability, where it is imperative to respect, maintain or improve the positive environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts and the management or elimination of those negative impacts of the activity.

We help move the local economy by hiring local guides as well as promoting local gastronomy.

We are committed to the protection of the environment, we provide constant training to our staff, in the technical talks we emphasize environmental protection issues in the area that is being visited by tourists or travelers and our suppliers.

• Help maintain the sites that are visited in an optimal state of conservation by training tourists, users, travelers, suppliers and customers.
• Raise awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting the environment.
• Support local communities to develop their economy through the provision of guidance, lodging and food services.
• In each tourist destination offer talks that promote the conservation and care of the environment.
• In each tourist destination hire local guides
• In each tourist destination promote local gastronomy.
• Include, as far as possible, cultural activities and knowledge of the local culture.